The Eternity Pendant

Inspired by permanence, the Eternity Pendant embodies endless elegance. Worn over the heart, it celebrates a milestone the wearer holds close for an eternity.

The sculptural silhouette of the Eternity Pendant has been designed to mirror a woman's decolletage. The elegant sweeping lines embody femininity and strength, celebrating the female form.


Inspired by permanence, the Naveya & Sloane Eternity Pendant is designed to be worn over the heart. In celebration of the female form, the essence of the design is strength and femininity creating an art piece that is both sculptural and soft.

The infinite flow of pavé diamond settings stems from the French, 'to pave'. This important & intricate detail was chosen to celebrate one's path & the significant milestones they have accomplished along the way.

Flowing freely on the chain this design mirrors the lines of a woman's décolletage and evokes a feeling of harmony, brought to life on the body.

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